24 June - 22 July 2017

Diploma in
Tourism Destination Management
Learning from France

A program bringing together
the tourism departments of the
most prestigious institutes and
universities in France

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Traveling offers new and fresh perspectives. From world-renowned cuisine to sensational landscapes, France is a country with a tremendous cultural and historical heritage. Travelling to France will open your mind and make you discover and explore the scenery, food, people and traditions that make France a unique destination.


Travel, Learn, Experience

Courses at the French University of Tourism take place over a four-week period, during which students will visit some of France's most stunning locations in four of its most famous regions: Paris, the Riviera, Bordeaux and its wine region, the Loire Valley, Nantes and Brittany.

As a tourist destination, it has everything to offer from sandy beaches, to snow-capped mountains and vast expanses of countryside. It is a country steeped in culture with its iconic landmarks, castles, world-class art and history, not to mention the gastronomical tradition that attracts food enthusiasts from across the world.