24 June - 22 July 2017

Diploma in
Tourism Destination Management
Learning from France

A program bringing together
the tourism departments of the
most prestigious institutes and
universities in France

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Summer School brochure
Students' appreciation of the 2016 session of The French University of Tourism-AsTRES.
Rodney McGregor, Australia, Summer School Student 2016

The summer school organised by AsTRES turned out to be very intensive while rewarding to me. We travelled through four major regions during the most beautiful month in France, each of which has pretty distinctive history, culture and therefore different focus on tourism.

I also enjoyed the company of the fellow students, who come from different parts of the world and with various backgrounds. After four weeks' studying and travelling together, we have become very good friends and learnt a lot from each other. The friendship and international network established is definitely another delightful outcome of this program.

We travelled extensively, we studied and learned a lot, in and outside classroom, with a variety of topics covered with regards to tourism management, and in the meanwhile we had tremendous amount of fun together, great networking opportunities among each other and with experts in the industry and loads of fond memories to take home...
Gracie Zhou, China, Summer School Student 2016